My name is Mark Holzbach and these are the things I play with, follow, research and work with.. 

Air Plane Geek : I am not a pilot but I do enjoy aircraft.  Private, Commercial and Military. 

Ham Radio  : Particularly Antenna Design & Modeling. My Ham Radio call sign is K3FY and I am a member of Breezeshooters.org  

Electronics : Analog and Digital. Particularly Microontrollers such as Teensy 3.X, Arduino, Pcduino and TriPlc,  4D Systems Displays. Built a lot of Heathkits, Eico and Archer Kits in my youth.

High Performance Cars : Drag racing, Supercars, Road Coarse and Drift Cars.  Big/Small Block and LS Chevys, Big/Small Block Mopars and the 426 Hemi,  HPTuners, Megasquirt, EFI University.

CNC Machining and Programming : Haas VF3,w/rotary, SL20L and Okuma LB15

Computer Programming : Dataflex,  C,  Basic, Pascal, Hibol

Manufacturing and Production Systems

Commercial and Industrial Power Distribution. 

Home and Commercial Heating Systems : Installed a gas fired under floor hot water radiant heating system for a co-worker.  (See blog for photo) 

What I do for a living : Fastener manufacturing : 1/4" to 4-1/2" diameter, Metric M6 to M114, tie rods up to 65' (ft) long

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