Visited Tech Shop Pittsburgh

Just opened 3 weeks ago! !!!!

Wow what an opportunity to create and build.

3 - Jet manual mills,

2 Jet manual lathes,

Tormach CNC mill (smallish)

Very nice welding area, Mig, Tig and spot welders, Heavy welding tables, 

Injection molding machine just arrived

Vacuum molding machine

Powder coating area,

Abrasive blasting cabinet

Sheet metal shop

Iron worker

Manual  turret punch

Hydraulic bender

Large waterjet table being installed

Wood shop complete with small CNC router and large CNC table router

2 - Laser etching machines with rotary attachment

3 D printer

CNC Vinyl Cutter

Electronics benches complete with basic scopes, power supplies, function generators, surface mount soldering/de-soldering equipment, Microscope (for surmount work no doubt)

Sewing Department complete with serger, small embroidery and heavy duty standard sewing machines.

Silk screening area

I would say 40 computer work stations running various CAD, CAM and design software.

I probably missed a bunch!!

You need to check it out.